Grass America

Company Product Catalogs

Grass America is a quality driven manufacturer of functional hardware movement systems and accessories for the woodworking industries, such as hinge, drawer, and lifter systems that can be found in kitchens, baths, and offices.

Company Quarterly Newsletter

As Production Artist for the company I coordinate the production of various marketing materials and ensure each project continues to represent the Grass brand:

  • Print and digital product catalogs.
  • Quarterly company newsletter, Grass USAToday
  • Prepare files for printing and digital upload.
  • Assist with Social media and website management.
  • Design other marketing materials such as ads, flyers, posters, info sheets, promotional items, labels, and more.
  • Assist customer’s marketing departments with obtaining graphics and product drawings. Maintain Digital Asset library of company photography, graphics, and product drawings.
Memo Board giveaway for a special event in conjunction with Grass America customer Häfele America
Standardized page graphics for Twitter
Standardized page graphics for Facebook